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Client Testimonials

Thank you!!!

"In October, I was in an accident that lead to a drug possession charge. Being a 21 year old in my last year at LSU who has never been in trouble, I knew I needed the help of a great attorney. After reading countless reviews of Baton Rouge attorneys, I found Mr. Laird's website and immediately gave him a call. He told me not to worry and that he'd take care of it. I decided to hire him and do not have a single regret. He stuck to his word and took care of everything for me including attending my court date for me because of finals and staying in contact to keep me reassured. He got my case dismissed and insured a drug charge would not affect my future. Thank you so much Alex, I appreciate all your hard work!" -Courtney

Amazing Attorney!

"Definitely would hire this man again! Great courtroom etiquette and a great working relationship with opposing council. He was honest and got results before even going to court. Was very easy to talk to and kept in touch throughout the whole process. I really couldn't have had a better lawyer." - Erin

Attorney Laird Really Cares

"I found attorney Laird through the internet and read his positive reviews. My experience was similarly outstanding to those posted. He asks insightful questions, provides an honest evaluation of the situation, and explains options with clarity. He responded to all questions the same day they were asked. He truly cares about his clients. Our lives could be very different today if not for his knowledge, skill and guidance. I recommend E. Alex Laird without reservation." - Janet

Highly Recommend

"Our family has been working with Alex for about 2 years. He is reliable, savvy, smart and expressed excellent communication skills. I highly recommend his service as your next Criminal Defense Lawyer. He is top tier, no need to look any further." - Diana

Fantastic lawyer!

"Alex Laird was fair, accommodating, and reliable. My partner and I were arrested together and Alex agreed to handle our case jointly. He kept us well-informed about the process, so there were never any surprises. We didn't have to stress about it or worry about the details. With Alex's guidance, our case was dismissed. Alex also helped us get our record expunged". -Anonymous

Domestic abuse case

"I hired Alex when I was arrested. He represented me in a domestic abuse case. He did an outstanding job as a lawyer, he answered me whenever I called or texted. After just 2 court appearances he got my case dropped from a felony charge to a misdemeanor with no probation or fines. The guy truly cares about his clients and I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to clear their name." -Trevor

Great Guy!

"Alex is a great and upcoming lawyer, he was persistent with any questions I had.Helped me step by step with what I had to do to get my case completely thrown out! He also is real affordable. I would recommend Alex to anyone!" - Brett

Felony Possession of Firearm & Controlled Substance

I was arrested for possession of almost 500 Xanax pills and a pistol in my front console. The Sheriff's and SWAT searched my vehicle in the parking lot of a closed store late at night. That's the situation I was up against. I called a few attorneys and hired Alex. He walked me through the process each step of the way, coached me on what to do between court dates, and spoke with the Prosecutor personally on my behalf. Alex turned a definite prison sentence into 1 year probation, in which upon completion I will not be a Felon. I couldn't be more greatful for his hard work and dedication to my case. -Krystal 

A True Blessing 

Alex has it all. He's compassionate for his clients. He's communicative. He's charismatic and persuasive in court. I was at a low point in my life and he helped me through it to come out a better man. God Bless Alex Laird. - Aaron

Second degree murder charge

"He is a great lawyer I was arrested for second degree murder and he got my charges dropped and we are working on getting it expunged now I highly recommend him thanks Mr.larid" -Orlando

Best Lawyer Money Can Offer!

"He saved me from going to jail and worked very hard on my case! He worked very well with the DA and got me the best deal possible for the charges I had. I would recommend him to anyone who ever asked and would hire him again in a second with zero hesitation. If your wonder is this the lawyer for me the answer is yes!! Does hesitate give him a call and talk with him we built a good relationship over the course of my case and he's their anytime you have any questions day, nights, weekends, holidays he's always there and can always clear the air! Again 11/10 recommended." -Ryan

Drug Case

"I was nervous to meet with a lawyer because I've never been in trouble before. From the minute I walked in, Alex made me feel welcome and treated my like a friend. He was honest but direct with me about my case. He didn't tell me what he though I wanted to hear, which I appreciated. Without promising anything, he said he was going to take care of me. He was true to his word. Because of his hard work the charges were dismissed." - Marcus

Great Lawyer

"I was fighting a few felonies and he went to bat for me! Overall I am please with his work and the outcome of my case. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer!" - Whitney

Got me probation

“Alexander is a great professional lawyer who will work hard on your case to get best outcome for you and your family. His lawyer office provided me with exceptional service got me probation when I could of easily done two yrs in prison, Thank You guys again” - Clendell 

Awesome job

“We had hired Alex for my brother's case. We had 2 misdemeanors and a felony. Alex got the felony dismissed and some restitution paid for the misdemeanors. Alex talked to us and supported us like family. He was with us every step of the way and made us feel relieved. I would definitely recommend him. He exceeded our expectations above and beyond.” - Anonymous


“I was extremely frightened at the prospect of jail. Mr. Laird assured me that wasn't going to happen and he was take going to take care of me and he did just that. He exceeded every one of my expectations. Definitely recommend.” -Allen

a lawyer you should have 

“He's fair gets the job done and works on case without hesitation and he let's all outcomes of the case and matter what's going on and what's bout to happen if I need another attorney Alex Laird would be who I hire again for any need possibly.” -Jeremy

Communicative and very attentive 

“Alex was by my side the entire journey. Living states away and having to go through something scary it was a huge relief to have such a knowledgeable and dependable attorney! I feel he went above and beyond showed so much attention, and glad with the outcome. Highly recommend!”- Anonymous 

the best

“I couldn't have been happier with Mr. Laird representing me. He was very professional, personable, and truly cares about his clients. Any time I had a question or concern, he immediately responded to address it. I always knew I was in good hands.” - Joshua

Very diligent 

“Mr. Laird took my case and handled it very quickly. He got my charges knocked down quite a bit, and kept in constant communication. I would definitely hire this attorney if you need criminal defense.” - Matthew

Above and beyond

"I left a message for Alex, and he called back within minutes. He listened attentively to my situation, and took immediate action to put my mind at ease." -Amanda


"Mr. Laird guided me through my expungement proceeding perfectly. Everything went exactly as he told me it would. He kept me up to date through each step. And now, thanks to his help, I have a clean record!!!!" - Brian

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