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E. Alexander Laird


I attended Southeastern Louisiana University for undergrad, where I majored in political science. Eager to attend law school as soon as possible, I applied to and was accepted on scholarship to Tulane Law School, the highest ranked law school in the state. 

While at Tulane, I quickly discovered my passion for criminal law. After my first year, I obtained a prestigious clerkship with the Alabama Attorney General's office where I worked in the capital litigation section. It was here that I gained valuable insight on the workings of criminal law from the side of the prosecution. However, as someone who has always pulled for the underdog, I realized that working as a prosecutor just wasn't for me.

During my third year of law school, I worked for the Baton Rouge Public Defender's office. The sheer volume of cases each attorney was handling was disturbing to me. This was by no fault of the public defenders, who are great attorneys. Unfortunately, there are just way too many cases and too few attorneys to handle them. From there, I developed the idea to start a firm where I only practice criminal defense and limit my caseload.


By keeping a limited caseload, I can forge a truly personal relationship with each client, thereby strengthening the attorney-client relationship. I firmly believe that the most effective defense can only be effectuated when there is a strong foundation of trust between attorney and client. I do everything in my power to earn that trust. 

A limited caseload also allows me to be aggressive, not merely encouraging my client to take the first plea offer just because it would ease my workload. I have the time and resources to fully investigate the facts of each case, including interviewing any and all witnesses, gathering all relevant documents, investigating the crime scene, zealously litigating any potential legal issues, and preparing each case as if it were going to trial. With this strategy, the client has an improved bargaining position with the prosecution, as well as a better chance of winning at trial.

I know the stress and uncertainty that comes with facing criminal charges. I believe that every client deserves an attorney who they can pick up the phone and call anytime they have questions or concerns throughout the case, as well as an attorney who will fight hard to get them the best possible outcome. That is what I'm here to do. My motto is that clients should be treated more like friends and family, not just case files.


100% of my practice is devoted to criminal defense. I believe the vast majority of those facing criminal charges are good people who may have made mistakes, hung around the wrong people, or have been falsely accused. They don't deserve to have their lives ruined because of it.

Furthermore, I firmly believe in my cause. The only thing standing between those accused of crimes and unchecked prosecutorial power are criminal defense lawyers. It is the greatest honor having that role. My passion is protecting my clients by making sure all of their rights are upheld and empowering them to not allow a criminal charge dictate the rest of their future. At the end of the day, I chose this line of work because I sincerely want to help people, especially those who feel they have no one else to turn to. 


My practice is not limited to the immediate Baton Rouge area. If you are located within a 2 hour drive of Baton Rouge, I am more than willing to travel to you to meet and discuss your case in order to save you the drive. 


Alex is licensed to practice in all Louisiana state courts.


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