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I know you're not going to like this answer, but... it depends. One of the most frustrating things a person probably feels when they are researching attorneys is figuring out how much it's going to cost. There's not exactly a menu listing prices for certain types of crimes. I assure you there's a valid reason for it. Every time an attorney sets a fee for a case, they have to estimate how much time it will take them to see it through to a resolution. There are a lot of variables at play including:

  • Whether there were witnesses that need to be interviewed
  • Whether scientific analysis must be performed
  • Whether expert witnesses are needed
  • Whether an investigator must be employed
  • Whether there are potential complex legal issues that need to be litigated
  • Whether the case is likely to go to trial
  • The client's own objectives.

As you can see, this makes it very difficult to have a set fee for each crime.

What I can tell you about my own fees is that I know that the vast majority of people facing criminal charges do not have a large amount of money set aside to pay lawyers. They are in a vulnerable spot in their lives. That is why I set my fees to be reasonable, affordable, and competitive. 

I am able to keep my fees low because I keep my overhead low. Instead of employing a large unnecessary support staff to handle cases, I personally handle each client's case from beginning to end. 

During our initial meeting, we will come to a fee agreement. The fee will cover the entire scope of representation up until your charges are resolved. Even if the case goes to trial, you will not pay more than the agreed upon fee negotiated at the initial meeting. Whatever the case, I will work with you. 


There is no time to waste if you are facing criminal charges. Contact criminal lawyer Alex Laird today to schedule a free consultation where we will discuss your case in full detail and begin preparing your defense.